Outpatient Surgery Centre


Improved anesthesia and surgical techniques speed up recovery and enable patients to return home sooner. This type of care offers better comfort and has lower associated costs than hospitalization. This is why the outpatient service is being expanded to meet the needs of the population on the one hand and federal and cantonal efficiency demands on the other.

Quality and efficiency

The centralization of outpatient activity on a dedicated site with specialized teams will enable the provision of high-quality care through an adapted medical and logistical organization covering over 4,000 m2. The Centre will accommodate all specialties (except paediatrics) and also has potential for further development.


When it opens in 2025, the Centre will be equipped to deliver 10,800 surgical procedures and more than 16,000 in 2040. It will include:

  • 4 operating theatres for procedures that do not require a general anesthetic – dermatological surgery, proctology, peripheral nerve surgery or even intravitreal injections.
  • 6 conventional theatres for classic outpatient surgery operations – urology, orthopedics, ophthalmology, visceral, maxillofacial, vascular, gynecological and ENT surgery.

The Centre’s architecture reflects the requirements for patient flows that are adapted to high-quality outpatient surgery. Training and research are an integral part of the partnership for ensuring succession and innovation.

Training and research

Training, research and innovation represent a strategic axis for the HUG and the Hirslanden Group. The two bodies will provide their know-how in clinical research, their medical expertise, as well as various promotional and quality assurance tools.

Public-Private Partnership

The HUG wanted to find a partner for this large-scale project. Hirslanden Group, already present in Geneva with the La Colline and Les Grangettes hospitals, was chosen because it represents an ideal partner both due to its experience in outpatient surgery and its focus on research and training. The partnership between the two institutions will enable the profitability threshold of the Centre of 9,000 surgical procedures to be met or even exceeded.